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Topics: What changes were recently made to the Sanitary Code and How should an agent handle an inquiry for a rental property that has an unknown lead status?
Topics: What legal remedies does a landlord have when a tenant terminates their lease early and Does a listing agent need to disclose the existence of competing offers to a cooperating broker?
Topics: What steps can a brokerage take to ensure compliance with all Fair Housing laws and What does “time is of the essence” mean?
Topics: Are there any limitations on the types of transactions a real estate licensee may engage in and Can a real estate broker directly compensate a salesperson who has unaffiliated with that broker and affiliated with a new broker?
Have your CE certificates handy, you'll need that info to renew your real estate license!
Topics: Is a brokerage required to have an escrow account, Can a real estate broker operate as the principal broker for more than one brokerage, and Can a landlord screen potential tenants based on their credit report
Topics: Q: Who has the legal obligation to remove snow and ice from a property and Can a team be paid their commissions through an LLC?
NEAR Officers and Directors for 2023 also take the oath of office at the recent Jingle Mingle and leadership installation.
Topics: Does a buyer whose offer was not accepted have the right to a written objection and What obligations does a seller of an “as is” property have?
Topics: If a transaction falls apart and there is a dispute over the release of escrow funds, can the seller place the property back on the market and go under contract with a new buyer and My seller does not want dual agency – can I be a facilitator for a buyer?
Topics: Can a brokerage operate as a designated agency on a per-transaction basis and what can a seller do if there is an old family cemetery on the property that they want to relocate prior to closing?
Legal Update from the National Association of REALTORS
Notices to be distributed this week to Missouri real estate brokerages.
Hot Topics in Lending with Mortgage Spreadsheet and Pen
Down payment and closing cost grants for first-time homebuyers in Massachusetts communities that were hit the hardest by the economic effects of COVID-19 (coming October 2022).
Topics: The financing contingency date in the contract has passed and the buyer has not informed us of whether they received a commitment – is the deal dead and Can a landlord restrict the number of people who occupy a rental unit?
Topics: Should a buyer’s agent be checking permits for their clients and Can a buyer switch agents to submit an offer on a home they were shown by another agent?

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